About Good Yom Tov Gifts and The People Behind It

Good Yom Tov Gifts was born out of a longstanding dream—a dream to bring Yiddishkeit (Judaism), color, creativity, gift-giving, joy and meaning to this world. Add to all of that a deep connection to the Jewish holidays, and a nagging curiosity about merchandising…and well, Good Yom Tov Gifts was the inevitable result— a way for me to bring all of those passions
together…and more!

More? Yes! Good Yom Tov Gifts is also a tribute to my childhood and to my mother, who had the depth of wisdom and the spirit of fun way back when, to invite her young daughter (me!) to join in creating a unique gift basket business. Basketique was an incredible experience of learning and
creativity, and one of the greatest bonding elements a mom and daughter
could have during “the teen years”. So I suppose that Good Yom Tov Gifts is some form of loving plagurism, as today my delicious children and I spend hours together in the Good Yom Tov Gifts studio experimenting with products and designs to bring you gorgeous holiday gift options, and exploring the best marketing tools to make that happen.

And more still…the name Good Yom Tov Gifts comes ultimately as a mark of admiration for my precious husband, Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, who perpetually challenges me to greatness. As many of you know, his impact on the Jewish People is mind boggling, and our life together quite adventurous. Living in his presence is a catapult for following ones dreams....So Good Yom Tov Gifts it is!

We, the Glaser family, are excited, proud, and yes, a bit nervous—but mostly thrilled—to offer you the culmination of this dream! We hope you’ll take advantage of our services, and find amongst our selection “the
perfect” arrangement for conveying your holiday blessings to loved ones and colleagues in Israel.  
We welcome your feedback, and lastly, we
encourage you to follow your dreams!

Wishing you the gift of a good yom tov,
Leah Glaser and family, Jerusalem