Monday May 11, 2020. Our spunky bear friends showed up before Lag B’Omer, thinking we’d all hike up to Meron (which is on Corona lockdown) through the woodlands, and sneak our way in to Rebbe Shimon’s tzion. Fortunately, a bountiful supply of carob and a good game of bows and arrows   convinced them to stay here and party with us…


Monday April 20, 2020
Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from our Chag-A-Bear friends, as they went into Corona hibernation (along with the rest of us!) right after Purim.  They’ve recently emerged to let us know that they are all okay.
As the Chag-A-Bears are still just getting to know us
—and quite curious by nature—they haven’t stopped asking questions about what’s going on.  They seem generally perplexed about masks and alcohol, and wonder whether we have different sets throughout the year! 

When we met them during Purim, they were having fun with the sparkly eyewear and dizzying booze (see photos below). But having just emerged into this new world order, they seem less enchanted with the current, somber medical connotations….neither surgical masks nor

rubbing alcohol work well with the bears’ hair and they’re already petitioning for a fur-lough!

Meet the Chag-A-Bears! 
As we were preparing for our Purim 2020 catalog photoshoot, we found these cute teddy bears watching from the side. When we heard they were wearing masks so they could see Purim 20/20 better, we couldn't stop laughing!  Weeks later, we are now pretty attached to these adorable and fun-loving bears, and want you to meet them too!   
We invite you to join us in welcoming the Chag-A-Bears into the Good Yom Tov Gifts  family. Their excitement over the chagim is contagious; as you follow their adventures, you’ll notice that their enthusiasm gets them smack in the middle of whatever holiday prep is happening at the moment. 
The Chag-A-Bears, as innocent as they look, after helping themselves to the gift baskets, and hijacking our Purim photo-shoot!
Sometimes this does mean that they can get in over their heads, so we have to offer the disclaimer that we at Good Yom Tov Gifts cannot take responsibility for  their behavior!  The Chag-A-Bears are convinced that it's their job to bring each holiday to life, and they'll stop at nothing to accomplish this mission. Please 'bear' in mind that they're really quite good natured, and only mean well. They've asked us to tell you that they are 'beary' excited about getting to know you, and are always open to suggestions about how to celebrate the chagim.
An uncharacteristically serious moment of learning Megilla
Our bear friends begged us not to publish all of their Purim pictures online. It was their first time drinking wine, and it didn't go so well. They are willing for us to share their pix with good friends in private, so let us know if you want to see what happened...