Our products are Kosher certified by the Badatz organizations such as the Aida Chareidis, Rav Rubin, Machzikei HaDa’as, Hisachdus Harrabonim, and other prominent Kosher certifying organizations. All of the edible products in our baskets are individually wrapped and are marked with their Kosher certification. All products are Kosher Pas Yisroel & Cholov Yisroel. In some cases we may include some loose items that are certified by one of the above mentioned companies. We make a great effort to list the Kashrut certification of each item in the Product Description. If we miss one, please contact us to clarify.  We are a strictly kosher establishment! Please contact us if there is a specific hechsher that your recipients hold by.  We are happy to accommodate, within a reasonable amount of effort!