The Classic Collection - "Bayamim Hahem"

The Classic Collection - "Bayamim Hahem"


For him. For her. For them.  If they appreciate ageless beauty in updated style, they’ll treasure the ‘antique feel’ of this eye-catching arrangement.  Send them The Classic Collection and transport them to the days of Chanukah they so wistfully remember, while they create the same for the next generation. Comes shrink wrapped with coordinating ribbon.





Collectible 4“ Brass/Wood Dreidel    

Tin Jerusalem Menorah             

Box of Elegant Chanukah Candles by Shalhevet

Box of Extra-Long Decorated Matches 

Malchut Waxberger Chanukah Brachos Book            

Packaged in an elegant antique-styled wooden chest

Shrink wrapped and beribboned