CHALAV U’DVASH (Milk and Honey)

CHALAV U’DVASH (Milk and Honey)


This is the culinary connoisseur’s arrangement, offering them some of the finest delicacies from our Land of Milk and Honey.  Understated yet classy as anything, this gift lets them know that you really “got them”, when this arrangement arrives to their door.  All the “ingredients”, including the cheese board, are perfectly timed for their deep enjoyment on Shavuos…




-Acacia wood cheese board by Na’aman

-Barkan Reserve Cabernet 2014, hechsher Beit Yosef

-Ofir’s Israeli wild flower palette-wowing honey, hechsher Mehadrin Emek Hefer

-ShalvaTea’s locally-harvested scrumptiously aromatic tea (in reusable decorator tin), hechsher Aida Chareidis

-Splendid 70% Premium coffee-tinted chocolate bar