Home Sweet Home Superb

Home Sweet Home Superb


Invited to an Erev Livivos? Been wanting to thank your daughter’s dedicated michaneches or your son’s home-away-from-home Shabbos hosts? Or maybe you just wanna send some Chanukah love to your favorite Eishes Chayil? If you want to show your appreciation in a way she’ll remember, this is the git to send! The Hostess Hamper is a ‘toy box’ for mommies, brimming with the things that make her Chanukah hosting fun! And because all these kitchen goodies are reusable, this is one Chanukah gift that’ll stay with her for years. Comes in Two Sizes.The Blue Hostess Hamper  Chanukat HaMizbeach


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Dreidel-shaped melamine serving tray

Stainless steel latke serving spatula

Coordinating oven mitt and pot holder set

Chanukah cookie cutters

Chanukah kitchen matches

Stainless steel latke/sufganiah drainer

Shrink wrapped and beautifully beribboned!

Large round melamine serving tray

Rectangular melamine serving tray

Ceramic dreidel-shaped salt and pepper shakers

Coordinating hand towel

Silicone ice cube tray

Latke tongs

Baking spatula

Packaged in a stylish storage box, finished with a big bow