Magical Pink

Magical Pink


This one’s Heaven in a Basket for the younger
sweeties in your life. Capture her heart with this irresistible collection
of fairyland bliss—our market research shows that if she’s between
the ages of 4-14, she will be spell bound when this arrives at her door!
(By the way, unicorns aren’t totally outta left field for Good Yom Tov
Gifts—there’s an opinion in the Talmud that the great big, stunningly
colorful one-horned animal that came into the world as the Jewish
Nation travelled in the desert was in fact, our unicorn!).


Magical Pink includes:

1 TY Unicorn doll
1 Entertaining unicorn coloring book
1 Fluffy rainbow unicorn pen
1 Great ceramic mug
1 pair snuggly socks
1 Unicorn savings bank
1 Storage bucket with lid

5 packages of “unicorn” fruit candies
All colorfully and tastefully packaged in one of our awesome boat
baskets and wrapped to wow!