Family Festivities - "Nes Gadol"

Family Festivities - "Nes Gadol"



The Family Festivities - "Nes Gadol" 


This is one way to be sure you’ll get a “Freilechen Chanukah” call from the family in Israel!  Send them this three-tiered, jaw-dropping, it doesn’t-stop-giving arrangement for the gantze mishpacha, and you’ll be hearing about it til Pesach!  This is a favorite amongst big families—we think it’s ‘cause the balagan feels familiar!  Packed with an “unending” array of presents for everyone in the family, this is the package that’ll make this Chanukah their funnest Chanukah yet!


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Large Family Festivities also includes:

"Silk" Chanukah Neck Tie

Silver-plated Chanukah charm pin by Charming!

Chanukah Cookie Cutters

Chanukah Bib

Chanukah pot holder

Mini Chanukah puzzles

Chanukah Cookie Cutters

Dreidel Ladle

Latke Tongs

Chanukah Stickers

Chanukah pot holder

Chanukah wall hanging by JSC Textiles

Menorah snow globe

Dreidel crayons

Felt dreidel garland

Drawstring gelt bag

Jelly Bellys

Extra large matches for candle lighting

Square Chanukah-motif table runner