The Purim Shpiel is an easy way to get those adorable kids to “ad
d’lo yada” safely and easily. They will be out of their
minds with glee when this large box brimming with fun
and yum arrives at their door! Because it’s so big and full
of goodies for all-age kids, this makes a perfect gift for
the whole family to enjoy together.


Purim Shpiel includes:

Highly detailed Purim character finger puppets

Large childrens’ megilla from Malchus Waxberger
Reusable flexible clown tube filled with fresh hamantashen,
Aida Chareidis hechsher
Purim box filled with candied popcorn, Aida Chareidis
Colorful, wearable Purim mask (with stretch band in back)
Clear plastic gragger, filled with colorful “lentil” candies,
Aida Chareidis
Fun Purim coloring book
10 Flexible Purim straws
In a very cute and sturdy toy storage box