While ‘tranquil’ may not be the first word that comes to mind
when you think of Purim, you may be wishing you had some
way of bringing her calm as the chag approaches. This gift
box does the work for you, and she’ll be so appreciative that
someone understands. The collection of “ingredients” in
this arrangement of casual elegance will give her just the
nurturing she needs before all the chaos breaks loose!


Purim Tranquility includes:


Box of 9 handmade Purim chocolates, by Incredibles!, Aida
Chareidis ingredients
Set of luxury teas by Shalvatea, Aida Chareidis
Bottle of Hermon white wine
Box of decadent chocolate leaves
Beautiful wearable Purim mask (with stretch band in back)
Packaged in attractive gold-marbled gift box

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