Shana Rishona Box  - "Yehudis' Revenge"

Shana Rishona Box - "Yehudis' Revenge"


Whether it’s their first Chanukah or tenth as a married couple, this precious arrangement will add to the “cozy togetherness” that this chag is all about. The Shana Rishona Share comes chock full of adorable pairings—Chanukah-themed goodies for two, exuding and happy holiday hearts!  Simply put, they’ll love this gift!  It should be part of making every young couple's Chanukah yummy and memorable! 




The Small Shana Rishona Share Package includes:

His and Hers Snuggly Chanukah Socks

Two Chanukah-motif Pot Holders 

Two Coordinating Boxes of extra-long Chanukah matches, (for Kitchen and for Candle lighting) 

A Pair of Flexible Dreidel/Menorah Straws

Two Packages of Chanukah Jelly Bellys

Comes Boxed with a big satin ribbon.