The Brimming Bochurs' Blast- "Tichle Regel Min Hashuk"

The Brimming Bochurs' Blast- "Tichle Regel Min Hashuk"



The sun’s set, his “feet” are back in his dira, and he’s ready to light his menorah…All that’s missing is this blast-in-a box to complete his Chanukah picture.  Send him this bachur-perfect Chanukah gift, and let him know you and your family are more than just “thinking about him”. In The Bachur Box he’ll find much of what he “needs” for both a freilechen and a lichtige Chanukah! Comes boxed with a big coordinating bow.


Bachur's Box Deluxe includes:


Decorated Jerusalem Candle Menorah from Malchut Waxberger

Decorated Gourmet Cookie

Glass dreidel snow globe 

Extra long matches for menorah lighting

3 packages Chanukah Jelly Bellys

Candle lighting blessings book