The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree


This unique serving piece, an eye-catching tree trunk cross-section, bears a classy assortment of gifts from the Land itself.  High quality, locally-harvested olive oil,  Dried fruits from Jerusalem’s famous Machane Yehuda, Israels’ beloved Hermon wine, Boutique tea infusions regionally-cultivated from our ancient Land, and drawstring “burlap sacks” brimming with assorted nuts complete this perfect Tu B’Shvat presentation.  Not your everyday Tu B’Shvat gift, this high-end arrangement is meant for those who know how to appreciate the bountiful “Tree of Life”.


The Giving Tree includes:

-1 350 ml. Bottle of Israel’s famed Mount Hermon White Wine

-1 Large Tray of Assorted Dried Tu B’Shvat Fruits from Machine Yehuda’s renowned Pitzuchei Kahane , Aida Chareidis hechsher

-1 Designer-collection, stylish tin of cold-pressed gourmet olive oil from Israel’s famed Pereg spice company, Rav Rubin hechsher

-1 Decorative container featuring Shalva Tea’s premium tea blends, all deliciously grown and packaged with care in Eretz Yisrael

-2 over-sized drawstring gift sacks with a selection of the yummiest mixed nuts Machine Yehuda has to offer, Aida Chareidis hechsher

-Gorgeously displayed on a hefty tree trunk, useful as a rugged bread board or stylish serving tray/display base.