The Grand Kids’ Gifter - "Al HaNissim"

The Grand Kids’ Gifter - "Al HaNissim"


Send those little miracles a Chanukah gift that’ll leave them speechless!  They don’t have to be your grandchildren for you to send them this bonanza—if you’re missing those scrumptious kids this time of year, the Gifter is a big burst of loving fun that’ll let them know you adore them!  The Gifter is one of those eye-popping, something-for-everyone, kids’ gift arrangements that won’t be soon forgotten. With the Gifter, you’ll create for them loving Chanukah memories like we all had as kids.  Comes in a reusable, adorable toy box, with a big matching purple bow.


Due to popular request, we’ve made this arrangement available to you in three sizes.




Chanukah Sticker Book                            

Paint with water Chanukah book                                               

1 Package of dreidel crayons                        

1 Set of colorful Chanukah cookie cutters                          

2 Colorful Wood Dreidels 

3 Packages of Oodles Treats                           

1 Colorful Jerusalem Menorah from Malchut Waxberger                                                  

1 Box of Colorful “Tzfat” Candles                 

1 Large Kiss Lev Teddy Bear   

Jumbo Kiss-Lev Bear  (instead of the Large one)  

Extra Large Candle lighting Matches                           

Giant Huggable Kiss-Lev Pillow               

Chanukah Jelly Bellys